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About Us


Knowledge is vast and life is short. Quest for perfection is always there in the heart of human beings. To satisfy all curiosities, J.P.G.C., beforehand J.D.C, was founded by a trust named Shri Laxmi Public Charitable Trust, came into existence. The basic objective behind the establishment of this institution is to impart knowledge, efficiency and to make students a better citizens for tomorrow. On the very same, this idea of giving scholarships, monetary-aid do help students of all level to benefit from the various opportunities given by this institution. Regular increase in the figure of students in J.P.G.C., B.B.A & B.C.A. itself is sufficient to prove the labour and efficiency of our teachers. We are already working for all-round personality development as well as career counseling too. Our institute’s rich in labs, class-rooms, Lecture-halls, common rooms. Our students are equipped with the modern tools and techniques to achieve their goals. The work of construction is still in progress to provide facilities of various kinds to our students. The college canteen is spacious enough and keeps all sorts of edible items. The beautiful lawns, the gallery of different shades of flower fulfill the whole atmosphere with enchanting fragrance.